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The essential product for home made logs

The revolution of the log gutter by bringing removable tips

In 1993, Jean DAUDIGNAC son revolutionized the Yule log stainless steel mold in creating the first Yule log mold with removable sides. Today, this product is still the best sells to make your own Christmas desserts.
Others models have been developed as the silicone Yule log mold, the stainless steel mold with removable sides in silicone or, the first expendable Yule log mold…

Consumer demands around this dessert, made us think and develop tools and accessories as:
- Silicone molds to make inserts or small Yule logs,
- 3D silicone mats, to put in the mold to get fancy Yule log designs,
- PET molds,to finish decorating your Yule log in adding chocolate end pieces,
- Or also different shapes of stainless steel Yule log molds as round and rectangular.