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Story and values of the company

Jean Daudignac

A story, a long time history…
As a Pastry chef and son of a patissier-creator of kitchenware, perhaps it is not entirely by chance that I am nowadays pursuing my father’s work by researching and developing kitchenware, having as priority ease of use and aesthetics.

In 1957, Jean DAUDIGNAC father, renowned Pastry chef of his time at Palace hotel Lutetia, left the kitchen to consecrate is life in manufacturing and commercializing of his first invention, the cake’s stencils.

More than 40 years in dedicated to his profession, he created many essential tools for the French Pastry. Jean DAUDIGNAC son, after a strong apprenticeship with Lucien PELTIER, founder of the « relais desserts » and Years of studies at the Business School, joined the family business in 1988 and worked 15 years by his side.

This period full of Pastries’ innovations called « modern pastries » was the right moment to pass on savoir-faire. An International expension period of their innovations. A period of time when French Pastry shined in becoming famous and trendy worldwild.

In 1999, Jean DAUDIGNAC son decided to go further in targeting private individuals. It is the period when French people wanted to start making their own pastries.

In 2004, a new company was created to offer pastries sets including recipes book to democratize pastry chefs’ secrets.

Since 2010, specialized TV shows reveled non-professional people, passionated for the « Do It Yourself » in baking and cooking. It gives the opportunity to DAUDI SARL to expend their sets in using this channel in proposing sets under licences as « Le Meilleur Pâtissier », « Top Chef », « Gault & Millau » etc… In 2013, Jean DAUDIGNAC started selling an invention from a young Pastry Chef « The DecoSpoon », with a million pieces sold so far, the DecoSpoon is the tool to decorate your plates with sweet coulis or salty sauces to amaze your guests.

From 1957 to now days, it is the same essence that fill this fathers and sons generation : Giving tools in assisting the human being to go further, higher, being more gourmet and accessible to the most hobbyists and professionals of sweet Arts. Innovation is the key of their history with unavoidable nowadays innovations such as stencil, stainless steel ring, silicone mold, Thermospatula etc… About ten innovations are coming out every year where DAUDI SARL stays the laboratory of ideas to serve catering professions.

Jean Daudignac - créations et inventions
Jean Daudignac - créations et inventions