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My Icing Bag

Successful assembly your preparations with the "my Icing Bag" Daudignac!

You will work all types of preparations (liquid or semi-liquid).

Make your preparations a success with the icing bag by Daudignac !
This kit includes : 10 nozzles, 1 no leak valve, 1 silicone icing bag, 1 icing bag holder, 2 closing clips and 1 small ruler which will allow you to use it like a pro, with facility and ease like never before.

You will be able to work with different types of preparations (liquid or semi-liquid) with a two hands’ filling thanks to its holder. The silicone icing bag’s technical characteristics (thicker on the lower part for a better grip whereas the higher part is thinner for a precis used) make that product a must have in your kitchen.

The silicone valve is stopping accidental leaks of your preparation on your kitchen counter. The different nozzles can be switched, even if the icing bag is not empty.