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Rapid Moule

Make small ø50mm sweet or savory tarts or ø100mm tarts in less than 1 minute.

Utensil come from the professional world

From the professional world, this set will help you making sweet and savoury small tarts ø50mm or tarts ø100mm in less than 1 minute.
Use this set to prepare small tarts in using flaky pastry, short- crust pastry, pie crust pastry or dough and line... and also to make chocolate shells, nougatine shells, financier biscuits.... The silicone molds with it cutting angles are perfect to cut the batter in a single roll.

The metal pusher trays give the perfect rigidity to make to manipulate and store the product without deformation. Replace the use of stones or beans to avoid baking paste deformation. Also serve to sink the batter correctly into the silicone mold to get the perfect thickness and shape.

3 possibilities can be done with this set:
• Sink / Garnish / Bake
• Ink / Precook / Garnish / Bake
• Sink / Bake / Store in a airtight box for a later use.